Links to useful and exciting resources.

HSL Color Picker, a handy hsl( hue, saturation, lightness ) color picker that also gives RGB colors in decimal and hexadecimal.

Other work and interests by Ben Whisman.

  • Audio Voice Work. I would love to get paying gigs. I also volunteer for fan-based projects.
  • Writing and editing of poetry, fiction stories, non-fiction, technical, and science fiction.
  • Fan Worlds for various science fiction authors or series.
  • Artwork and Photos such as drawing on computer and hand-made.
  • Color theory resources and old website Themes.
  • Links to cool stuff, whatever appeals to me. Old.
  • Recipes and Cooking, because everyone likes to eat.
  • Toybox for action figures and ball-jointed dolls, with photostories.

Vendor of desktop fonts and web fonts from many foundries and designers.

Worry-free perpetual font licensing for everyone. Seller of quality desktop fonts and webfonts from many designers and foundries.

Quality free, some open-source, desktop fonts and webfonts. Free for commercial use.

Software publishers of FontLab and Fontographer.

Font resources including font identification and designer biographies.

The League of Moveable Type

Advertising, “No more bullshit — Join the revolution.”

Nate Piekos, font designer and comic / manga lettering artist.

Comic / Manga lettering, font design, and artwork.

JNL ~ Jeff Levine Fonts

JNL Fonts designed by Jeff Levine.

Typodermic Fonts

Fonts designed by Ray Larabie of Typodermic Fonts and Larabie Fonts.